Teaching From Within 101 Self-Paced Online Course

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Why is “motivation” an important topic? Aren’t there plenty of other things teachers need to focus on? Aren’t we using plenty of motivational strategies already… is this just another one of those?

motivation button.pngTake our Student Motivation survey
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Explore Hollywood critiques of traditional motivation strategies

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Take a look at the “asleep in class” YouTube phenomenon

kind of school button.jpgExamine traditional and current categories of student motivation approaches
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Where does learning begin? Where does it go once it gets started? Where does it take us? Is it really something we understand?

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What do I want to do now? What changes need to happen in my classroom and in my school? What are our goals for our students and for ourselves?

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Score and interpret your Student Motivation survey and Reflect on learnings thus far

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How do I begin making a change? How do I lead my students, colleagues and my school in the right direction? How do we beginĀ Teaching from Within?

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