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Welcome to the support site for the new film, Teaching From Within, produced by TIE Media Productions. Here, you can find resources and links that will be helpful in making the important transition from motivation by Rewards, Fear and Coercion toward a more sustainable and long-lasting approach we’re referring to as, Teaching From Within. You’ll find on this site a growing set of resources as we research and develop items to support the educators engaged in our workshops.

You can also explore the 12 Understandings, foundational concepts that are at the core of the Teaching From Within approach. These concepts also form the basis for a new book that is now in the works. We will occasionally post segments as that project develops.

Download the 12 Understandings here: Teaching From Within 12 Understandings.pdf

Dr. Scott Simpson, Learning Specialist, TIE

If you are interested in having a Teaching From Within workshop at your school or district, contact Dr. Scott Simpson at to begin the process.

Educator endorsements for the Teaching From Within workshops:

  • “It is exactly what we need.”
  • “Very well presented. Very dynamic!”
  • “I was excited, and I’m 69!”
  • “This workshop was one of the best… Everything brought out honesty, and the interaction of all the staff as a whole was awesome. I learned valuable positive ways of running a great classroom. It was real.”
  • “I appreciate that there’s a supporting website we can use after the session.”
  • “Useful information and great opportunity of discussion… practical for use right away!”
  • “Kept interest—extremely helpful.”
  • “Got me to think about new and different ways to motivate students and strategies I’m using to teach.”
  • “This workshop addresses the core issue of motivating students. I would highly recommend it to any district who needs to rekindle the fire.”
  • “It was interesting to see how I motivate students in ways I wasn’t aware of. Now I can look more at my methods of motivation and work to improve them.”
  • “Great to have before school started…”
  • “Everyone seemed to participate!”
  • “Made everything more clear (even) on touchy subjects.”
  • “Great presentation! Related to all subjects and grade levels!”
  • “This workshop was open and honest, with a tremendous amount of interaction from everyone; with valuable suggestions we can realistically use.”
  • “Made me more aware of what I say and do, and how the students perceive it.”
  • “Fabulous in-service! I have been in education 48 years, and I learned so many new great ideas—ideas that have value, and I found nearly all staff actively involved.”

Materials from Workshops and Presentations:

2013 TIE Conference In-Depth Materials




Half-Day Workshop Materials

Half-day workshop handouts

Character Education Partnership Conference, 2012

Systems Change, 2012

2-Day Workshop