Understanding 5: We Learn Best As We Connect With Stories

Stories engage us in ways that spark empathy, compassion and emotional awareness. Information gained through story is stored in ways rich with connection and personal meaning.

“One lesson we can learn from pre-industrial peoples is the power of storytelling. I am struck by how important storytelling is among tribal peoples; it forms the basis of their educational systems. The Celtic peoples, for example, insisted that only the poets could be teachers. Why? I think it is because knowledge that is not passed through the heart is dangerous: it may lack wisdom; it may be a power trip; it may squelch life out of the learners. What if our educational systems were to insist that teachers be poets and storytellers and artists? What transformations would follow?” 
—Mathew Fox

  1. Book Review of Visual Storytelling by George Dyson 
  2. Lakota Stories and Songs with Duane Hollow Horn Bear and Earl Two Bulls
  3. Telling the Stories of Our Lives by Parker Palmer
  4. The Privileged Status of Story by Daniel T. Willingham
  5. Video: How Stories Help You Learn
  6. Storyline.org
  7. Stories to Light Our Way by Ralph Singh


Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.